About Me

flowers new york - CopyI appreciate the struggles and victories of navigating family life, and have maintained a sense of  humor in the relationships that sustain me. The reality is that there is not a “perfect” family. Loving God, loving one another, appreciating differences, and offering respect is the name of the game. Life often doesn’t go according to our game plan. Exercising flexibility while maintaining your values is worth aspiring to.

I was raised on a farm and am proud to be a Midwesterner. Go Colts! Having raised four children very close in age, I understand time commitment and the stresses of parental demands. The reward is watching my children’s’ diligence and perseverance come to fruition and success.

In addition to my love and dedication to families, I also enjoy gardening, chickens, writing, cycling and tennis. Special interests in coaching are in learning differences, special needs, multiples, loneliness and bullying.

The significance of making individual choices to simplify our lives will become more apparent as we struggle to balance our humanity with technology.  Guiding our children daily is the most important and affirming challenge ever presented to us.  We can do it!