Join Others Finding Success

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No one has all the answers to Family Challenges

Navigating through family stages doesn’t have to become a crisis.

Join other concerned parents in discovering practical everyday answers to concerns and issues.  From minor to special needs, the collaborative process of coaching allows you to discover your own answers to your family needs.  Christine specializes in individual, couples, and small group coaching. Bringing coaching to you enables more success in couples follow up in sessions. A comprehensive summary is included as an intricate part of Christine’s coaching process that clients find particularly helpful in creating change.

Christine utilizes  Library rooms, work locations, churches, school, and coffee shops near client’s homes to facilitate success. A non-judgmental and relaxed environment is what is needed for open communications (See client’s testimonials).

She is available for speaking engagements (See popular topics) and workshops. We all can benefit from a little help at times. Call today for more information or to schedule consult.