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Are we becoming numbed to the realities of impaired driving?

All you have to do is take one look at the picture of the fatal car crash from two weeks ago Madison County, IN.,  involving a police officer that took the life of a young father and critically injured the mother (in her ninth month of pregnancy) to be sickened at the horror of it. The sad reality is that picture is only the beginning of life changes that will occur from the choice that the officer made to drive impaired.  The lives that will be affected by the choice will be many and much of it will filter down through generations. A man was lost. A husband, father, son, grandson, peer, loved one, a human being with a hope for the future, an individual. His name was Jesse. I didn’t know him personally and yet I do.  I know him in the stories that I hear at impact panel meetings where I routinely speak. When speaking with offenders about how fortunate I am to have my son alive after being hit by a drunk driver in 2011, some tough issues about choices, alternatives, and time are discussed. The social disease of impaired driving (alcohol or drugs) is robbing “time” from our lives. Time with those we love, time that...

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