Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Check out valuable  Oasis classes at www.Oasis.org

Christine is facilitating Peers for Productive Aging groups with the focus on empowering the aging population through support, community, education, resources, and relationship building.


MADD Volunteer Advocate

Looking for professional speakers to educate in the prevention of drunk-drugged driving? Call Christine for information on Mothers Against Drunk Driving and how you may become involved in a proactive way to be a part of our healthy communities. Looking for a group to volunteer your time? Check out Madd.org


Now Scheduling

We are now scheduling fall coaching sessions, Walk and Talks ©, and Private and Group sessions for six weeks.

Christine will assist you in tailoring your own needs to provide specific topics and transform your discussion into productive growth. Attitudes are everything when it comes to life choices. Walk in individual session or as a small group (limit to 3). Walk and Talks provide energizing time that is well spent on improving your holistic health. Attention is focused on mindfulness and you may appreciate the opportunity to walk in the beautiful outdoors and experience coaching simultaneously.