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Walk & Talks

Walk & Talks © Always multitasking and out of time? Combine fun physical activity with a valuable coaching session. Spend quality time in a private session or small group (no greater than three). One hour sessions are followed with mindfulness with attention to making intentional choices. Walk and Talks© have kick started weight control and leave clients feeling energized and empowered.  The goal of Walk and Talks© Is to incorporate healthy behaviors into your own choices and modeling as a family member. Christine can bring Walk and Talks© to your very own neighborhood. (Contact Christine for more details or how to get started) Private versus Small Group Needs vary from client to client. Many start out with private sessions to determine needs then progress to a small group environment.  Finding resources and tools to manage choices daily is the name of the game.  The most effective small groups are those that arise out of one person’s courage to seek assistance.  The priceless support, strengths, and confidence gained from coaching encourages long lasting change. Need more info regarding private versus small group or think you may have a friend or two that want to participate, call Chris for ideas on how to make it...

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events Check out valuable  Oasis classes at www.Oasis.org Christine is facilitating Peers for Productive Aging groups with the focus on empowering the aging population through support, community, education, resources, and relationship building.   MADD Volunteer Advocate Looking for professional speakers to educate in the prevention of drunk-drugged driving? Call Christine for information on Mothers Against Drunk Driving and how you may become involved in a proactive way to be a part of our healthy communities. Looking for a group to volunteer your time? Check out Madd.org   Now Scheduling We are now scheduling fall coaching sessions, Walk and Talks ©, and Private and Group sessions for six weeks. Christine will assist you in tailoring your own needs to provide specific topics and transform your discussion into productive growth. Attitudes are everything when it comes to life choices. Walk in individual session or as a small group (limit to 3). Walk and Talks provide energizing time that is well spent on improving your holistic health. Attention is focused on mindfulness and you may appreciate the opportunity to walk in the beautiful outdoors and experience coaching simultaneously....

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Find Your Success 0

Find Your Success

Find Your Success No one has all the answers to Family Challenges. Navigating through family stages doesn’t have to become a crisis. Join other concerned parents in discovering practical everyday answers to concerns and issues.  From minor to special needs, the collaborative process of coaching allows you to discover your own answers to your family needs.  Christine specializes in individual, couples, and small group coaching. Bringing coaching to you enables more success in couples participation and personal investment in sessions. A comprehensive summary is included as an intricate part of Christine’s coaching process that clients find particularly helpful in creating change. Christine utilizes library rooms, work locations, churches, school, and coffee shops near your home to facilitate success. A non-judgmental and relaxed environment provides comfort and open communications that will encourage developing a trusting working relationship. She is available for speaking engagements (See popular topics) and workshops. We all can benefit from a little help at times. Call today for more information or to schedule...

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